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We are a development company with more than 15 years of experience in the field of commercial real estate.

Our philosophy is based on both the satisfaction of the end consumer and the satisfaction of the tenant or investor. We believe that the satisfaction of our partners is directly proportional to ours.

Our portfolio consists of several types of leasable properties, thanks to which we can effectively manage and value our investments and the investments of our investors. Our projects are located mainly in Slovakia, but as part of the expansion we are also working in other countries within the EU.



We carefully select adequate tenants in the given location according to the micro-analysis and macro-analysis of needs and offer.


The knowledge that we conduct the construction and management of our projects with regards to ecology also contributes to the overall satisfaction of the end user.

Convenience design

We strive for the greatest comfort of our end consumers. We work with top architects who reach for atypical materials and technological solutions that improve not only the customer experience but also comfort.


One of our intentions is to be a good neighbour and fit into local communities. Therefore, in addition to a wide range of retailers, we also focus on improving the public space around the centre.


Our business is not built on one type of real estate. We closely monitor the market and evolve with it, so we can always react to a good opportunity.

Investment Valuation

Investing with us means investing in quality real estate. We always invest also our own funds into the projects and therefore our clients can be sure that our interests fully correlate with theirs.


Our team of people covers all the processes associated with the implementation of projects, which gives us greater opportunities and at the same time full control over investments:


We search for, thoroughly analyse and then successfully implement quality projects.


We have years of expertise in the field of leasing. From the beginning of each project, we work closely with future tenants to maximize its success.


We provide the entire development process from permits to final building approval to opening.

Asset Management

We manage real estate in accordance with our philosophy with an internal team of people.


We cover all processes associated with the sale of our projects.


Our investment strategy can be described as Value-add and Opportunistic. It is specific in that it focuses on increasing the value of real estate, for example, through re-leasing, refurbishment or refinancing.

Top projects


Miroslav Tavel OPCRE

Managing partner

Miroslav Tavel

Peter Šebo

Partner & Head of acquisition

Peter Šebo

Michal Jablonicky OPCRE

Project manager

Michal Jablonický

Adam Fingerland OPCRE

Project Manager

Adam Fingerland

Matej Psotný OPCRE

Financial Manager

Matej Psotný

Veronika Pažitná OPRCRE

Portfolio Leasing Manager

Veronika Pazitna

Ján Kmeť OPCRE


Ján Kmeť

Mária Kiovská OPCRE

Fitout Coordinator

Mária Kiovská